Love Without Limit
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Love Without Limit

A Personal Journey to the Heart of God

by Walter Williams


ISBN:  0974246301

Winner: "Fresh Voices 2006"

Finalist:  "Best Books 2005"


For fifty years, Princeton-trained minister and newspaper columnist Walter E. Williams has wrestled with the idea of salvation. Finally, heís come to an extraordinary conclusion: everyone is saved in the end. His reasoning is brilliantly explained in his new book, Love Without Limit: A Personal Journey to the Heart of God.

     This beautiful and amazing book will surely bring comfort to many by clearly showing that they will be saved. That assurance can be found in scripture and in Godís unlimited and unconditional love. Because everyone is a mixture of good and evil, in the last judgment God will not sort the good people from the bad. Instead, God will free everyone from the evil that torments them, so they can enjoy heaven purified and free from trouble.

     It would be irresponsible to imply that there are no consequences from the way we live our lives. So the book goes on to show, through analysis of Christís Sermon on the Mount, that Godís will is the wisest way to live. Christís loving advice leads to the best and most beautiful life possible. That is the real reason we should try to find and follow Godís good guidance. Love Without Limit even explains why loving your enemies makes sense.

     But this 159 page paperback book goes beyond explaining Godís will. It also uses psychological insights to help the reader achieve these ethical ideals. For example, it explains how to overcome anger, insults, condemnation and even benefit from criticism, while building self-esteem. It also helps people love and accept themselves and others.

     Father James Sheehan, author of The Father Who Didnít Know My Name, wrote the following about Love Without Limit:

   ďAbsolutely groundbreaking! Offers a fresh, positive and loving view of God. Anyone who reads this book will become convinced of its true Christian message. Written by a Minister, the book presents the revelation that Godís will is synonymous with the greatest wisdom for living, which makes Love Without Limit valuable for secular as well as religious readers.Ē

     In Love Without Limit, the author is trying to give a more loving view of God and also guidance for living a life full of love. He hopes that the love of God will fill the hearts of readers and flow through them to make life better and more beautiful for them and for those around them.

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